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Program Evaluation

Program evaluation is an essential tool for the management of any type of program. Evaluation can help program managers and staff members understand how their daily activities are related to specific goals and objectives, and how these goals and objectives relate to their community as a whole.

In order to help you devise a plan for evaluating your program, the following resources are provided. These links will connect you with information that will help you design an evaluation study to determine if you are achieving the outcomes specified in your proposal.

OSU Sites

Evaluation Sites
Evaluation Toolbox: Resources that teach how to conduct evaluation
Free Qualitative Software Program Sites

Research Sites

Publications Sites to Purchase Evaluation Books and Software

Agricultural Sites

  • Agriculture Network Information Center: a distributed network that provides access to agriculture-related information, subject area experts, and other resources. It was established by an alliance of the National Agricultural Library, land-grant universities, and other organizations committed to facilitating public access to agricultural and related information.